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Fortine School District No. 14  May 5, 2015

Annual Trustee Election

We the listed trustees, hereby certify that this constitutes a full, true and complete canvass of the number of votes cast, and declaration of results of Fortine School District No. 14, Lincoln County for the offices/issues enumerated and we hereby declare elected the individuals listed receiving the highest number of votes. Attest my hand this 11th day of May, 2015. Regan Lewis, election administrator; board of trustees: Virginia Pine; Mischell Smith; Isaiah R. Williams.

Mischell Smith,  56 votes

Kathy Derrow, 12 votes

Published in the Tobacco Valley News, Eureka, Montana, on May 21, 2015.  MNAXLP


The second half of the 2014 Lincoln County real property taxes is due by 5:00 p.m. on or before June 1, 2015. Unless the second half is paid by this date, the amount payable is delinquent and draws interest at the rate of 5/6 of 1% a month from and after the delinquency until paid and 2% must be added to the delinquent taxes as a penalty. The 2015 mobile home tax bills will be late this year per the Department of Revenue. A notice will be published at a later date with information on the due date of the mobile home taxes. Payments may be made in person or mailed to the Lincoln County Treasurer, 512 California Avenue, Libby, MT 59923. Over the counter credit card payments may be made using Visa, Master Card and Discover. A fee of 1.995% plus $1.25 per transaction is charged. If you wish to make on­line payments using a credit card please call 1­800­272­9829 or log on to and enter jurisdiction code #3612. A 3% fee is charged when using this service. Tax information is now available online at  Nancy Trotter Higgins Lincoln County Treasurer.   MNAXLP

Published in the Tobacco Valley News, Eureka, Montana, on May 21 and May 28, 2015.  MNAXLP

PUBLIC NOTICE. Notice of Intent to Transfer Location of Air Quality Permit (Pursuant to Section  75-2-211, MCA, and ARM Title 17, Chapter 8, Subchapter 7, PERMIT, CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION OF AIR CONTAMINANT SOURCES). Remp Sand & Gravel, Inc., will file on or about 05/19/2015 a notification of intent to transfer location of an air quality permit with the Permitting and  Compliance Division/Air and Waste Management Bureau of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality. Applicant seeks approval of its transfer of location of: Crusher #3/Screen Plant #3, Air Quality Permit # 3029-04  to Section 26, Township 36 N. Range 28 W.,  Lincoln County, Pinkham Creek. The division must approve or disapprove the permit transfer within 30 days of receipt of a complete notice of intent.  Any member of the public with question or who wishes to review a copy of the permit and the division’s analysis of it, or to submit comments on the change of location must contact the division at 1520 East Sixth Ave.  P.O. Box 200901, Helena, Mt. 59620-0901 phone (406) 444-3490. Any comments on the location transfer must be submitted to the division within 15 days after the date of this  publication. 3408 MNAXLP

Published in the Tobacco Valley News, Eureka, Montana, May  21, 2015.


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