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Fortine School is accpeting bids for the removal of old siding and the installation of new siding. For more information call 882-4531.  112-2tc  MNAXLP

Tobacco Valley Community/Senior Center: All ages welcome. Dinner 5-6 p.m. 7/31, Oven roasted turkey. 8/4 Burger stuffed French loaf with macaroni chesese. 8/7 Fried chicken. Brunch every Wednesday 9-11 a.m.  010-1tc

The Board of Trustees for the Fortine School District 14 will meet in Special Session at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014, in the Library for the purpose of considering and adopting the Final Budget of the District. The meeting of the trustees may be continued from day to day until the final adoption of the district’s budget. Any taxpayer in the district may appear at the meeting and be heard for or against any part of the budeget. For further information, please call Fortine School, 882-4531. 11-1tp      MNAXLP

Find the Polka Dot Pig at the Farmer’s Market. Wed., 3:30 – 6 p.m. Say the secret word (blueberry) and win a PRIZE!  11-1tc

Town of Rexford is taking bids to remodel teacherage cabin into town office. Deadline for bids is 3 p.m. Aug. 15, 2014. Please pick up plans in town office, located at 142 Gateway in school building or at Mayor Payton’s, 302 Gateway. Mayor Payton’s phone is 297-2737 or the Town of Rexford, 297-2439, open Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. All bids taken under advisement. 2tc-11MNAXLP

Eureka Bridge Benefit luncheon sponsored by Terry and Sue Utter and Jim and Carol Hurst will be held on Aug. 14 at the Hurst home. Sign in is at 11:30 with lunch and bridge to follow. The cost is $12 per person, payable at the door, and the community organization to receive the donations will be determined at the event by popular vote. Please RSVP to Sue Utter at 406-297-2448 for more information and to reserve your spot. She will also help with directions and a partner, if needed.  11-1tp

InterBel Telephone Cooperative, Inc. has capital credit checks for the following people. If you have a current address for any of the following people, please call 889-3311.  Jay AAberge,Thomas Adams, M. Sophia Adamson, Aesthic Logging Enterprise, Larry Ahl, All American Products, Inc., Ralph Allen, Barbara Ambellas, Kimball Ambellas, America West Communications, Deena Anderson, George Ardizzour, Barbara Baker, Kenneth Ballou, Estate of Catherine Baney, Brent Baumann, David Beiler, Wendy Berry, David Bianche, Gene Bonner, Elmer Bontrager, Harland Borneman, William Bowser, Robert Breakwell, Hannah Brockman, Rick Brown, Robert Brown, Darrell Byrd, Alice Camus, Faughn Camus, John Carloss, Jody Carlson, George Chaffee, Claudia Clayton, Allen Clifford, Debra Collins, Robert Collins, Community Home Oxygen, Jeff Cox, Michael Craft, Randy Culbertson, Leigh Dickson, Margot Doohan, Marvin Duley, James DuPont, Sandy Ebert, Duncan Edwards, Gary Elkins, Matthew Ellermann, Lana Elliot, Brian Fenton, Sherman Fifield, Liz Fitzmaurice, Guadalupe Fredericks, Ronald Freeman, Frontier West, Inc., Katerine Gallagher, David Garrett, Douglas Gaskin, Carrie Gibson, Mary Elaine Gilbert, James Gorges, Robert Graham, Lori Powers Grimsrud, Thomas Groneberg, Thomas Haddad, David Hagberg, Kristen Harrington, Gerald Hart, Paul Haynes, Robert Henderson, James Herron, Joe Herron, Ronald Honstein, Brenda Lee Hoover, Dwyane Irwin, Laura Jackson, Jesse James, Jack Janetski, Jack Jardin, Karen Jensen, Shannon Jones, Kenneth Justus, Joseph A Kakin, Gene Kelch, Joseph Kimmet, Mervin Kingsinger, John Kleker, Patricia Knotts, Jim Landfried, Donald Larson, Vincent Lawson, Enos Lee, Bob Lerck, David Lerum, Gene Lewis, Michael Liu, Cecila Loepker, Christopher Loepker, Eric Lovering, LTC Inc, Renee Goddard, Lanny Lynch, Benz Lyte, Dakota Lyte, Ingo Majewski, Ronald Martin, Lucas Marzinko, Lowella Massey, Taimie McCully, Todd McDonough, Louis McDowell, Debra McMunn, Diane McNamara, Kristi Mellgren, Ivan Miller, Roman Miller, Thomas C Miller, Mary Mings, Michael Montero, Michael Morris, Andrea Morrison, Kevin Morrow, Travis Mulford, Debra K Musser,  Shannon Myhra, Norman Neumann, Sheri Nikolaus, Susan O’Banion, Bill O’Farrell, Ken O’Leary, Stephanie Osborne, BL Pan Kratz, Victor D Peltier, Gary Pershall, Judith Petrey,  Lynn Potter, Steven Prettyman, Harold Lee Prince, Troy Purcell, Art Putnam, Maurice Reichelt, Dennis Rhett, Sandra Rinehart, Anderson Runkle, John Ruttan, Charles Saunders, Tony Schmidt, Frank Schneible, Gerald Schumacker, Tim Seaman, Vincent Sedivy, Sharon Seed, Gary Sentman, Solara Sheppard, Tom Shupert, Mary Siddall, Ron Sifford, Mary Elizabeth Smaka, Anita Smith, Jack Smith, Vanessa Smith, St Anthony’s Trust, Betsy Stewart, Heather Stirnweis, Fred Stout, Berry Taft, Frank Takala, Frankie Temple, Jerry Them, Daniel Thompson, Mary Thompson, Tobacco Valley Youth Center, Charles Tucker, Kelly Turner, Nalina Uehlein, Chip Vance, Verizon Wireless, Ruth Waldner, Eileen Walsh, Andrea Ware, Dean Warwick, Kathleen Webster, Andrea Weiser, Teale Westbrook, Rex Westwood, Donald Weverstad, Norman Weyer, C Bob White, Lisa Williams, Thomas Williams, Doug Woods, Anne Yoder, Christain Yoder, Blanche Young.   11-2tc




































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